NVR-104MH-D & NVR-108MH-D

Hi-Look Network Video Recorder

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Video Input and Transmission

l Connectable to the third-party network cameras

l 4/8 network cameras can be connected

Compression and Recording

l H.265+/H.265 compression effectively reduces the storage space and costs

l Full channel recording at up to 4 MP resolution

HD Video Output

l HDMI/VGA output at 1080p resolution

Storage and Playback

l 1-ch playback at 4 MP resolution or 2-ch at 1080p resolution

l 1 SATA hard disks can be connected with 6TB capacity

Smart Function

l Supports line crossing and intrusion detection

l Smart search for the selected area in the video; and smart playback to improve the playback efficiency

Network & Ethernet Access

l Hik-Connect for easy network management

l 100 Mbps Ethernet network interface